Wunda – Rap What You Know (Review)

Wunda - Rap What You Know (Review)

Check out this review of ‘Rap What You Know’ new single from ‘Wunda’ 

Wunda is a hip-hop artist from New York City. As you know, the local music scene is exceptionally competitive, particularly when it comes to groundbreaking hip-hop music. In spite of that, Wunda managed to really stand out due to his sophisticated, yet searing and personable lyrical flow.

Recently, he hit the studio to wrap up a new released, titled “Rap What You Know.” The release has a unique old school edge, yet it retains an exceptional modern clarity, allowing the mix to breathe. More importantly, “Rap What You Know” holds a really clever conceptual piece, with a dynamic, down-to-earth lyrical flow, which speaks volumes about the artist’s attitude and connection with the music scene and hip-hop culture and lifestyle.

The release actually features 8 original tracks, including the title track, as well as highlights like “Downfall” (featuring Omid G.) as well as True Love, a collaboration with fellow artist Quest Dollaz. Each song has a unique concept, and it is all bound together by an intelligent and thoughtful production process. “Rap What You Know” is in fact also notable for the all-around quality of the mixes. The low end frequency range is always fat, present and deep, adding space and weight to his tracks. The mid-range, which is often the hardest section to pull off, is never harsh or fatiguing, but always pleasing and warm. Top top it all, the high frequency spectrum is pleasing and bright, adding a polished and clear sheen to his songs.

You can listen to ‘Rap What You Know’ by Wunda here