Wretched Dawg – 12.26.10

Wretched Dawg presenting his single, ‘12.26.10’

Have you ever cared about someone who could simply care less? I have, thats why I’m Wretched Dawg Im that diamond in the rough thats been led astray trying to find his way to victory. However I can be the most powerful messenger of realism & exclusive wordplay in my own personal slang. Bear witness the “Silencer” at it’s finest as I convey poetry about what I feel and moral’s I stand tall for. Coming out of Chicago towards suburbia not fitting in to nobody standards.

This song I made called 12.26.10 is a piece I wrote regarding my sucididal tendencies as a adolicence taught me that no matter what problem you are going towards death is not the answer, and that whoever grudges you hold against a person will haunt you forever until your able to forgive them and yourself. This is the Final song off the E.P called Animosity which its available through all streaming platforms. The