Vic The Boom Baptist – Chaos Management

Vic The Boom Baptist presenting the visuals for, ‘Chaos Management’

Vic The Boom Baptist has brought the “Conscious minded“ song “Chaos Management” to “awaken” the “Sleeping Giants” out of their slumber with a barrage of truth laden lyrics to a sonic symphony of mellow guitar samples and hard Hip Hop drumming that he also produced. If that sounds too complex for the average mind, it’s because Vic has three decades of higher level hip hop knowledge to back it up. Back in 1987, he penned and performed an Underground Hip Hop hit, “Mr X and Mr Z Drink Old Gold.” A few years later, in 1992, under the name of Guttamouf, he formed a Hardcore Hip Hop group of 5 Emcees called The Eightball Ruffnecks. Then in 1995, he reinvented himself, and along with a longtime friend, created a duo called 25 is Life.

Not too long after, he put out a couple of songs with DJ Excel from Dorchester, Massachusetts. And then in 2000, he was featured on Real Villains along with Celph Titled, Lord Digga and Majik Most. It’s 2019,but he’s still independent, and still pushing knowledge in his message, finding new ways to reinvent himself as this industry requires.