Tre-Dot – Gemini feat Got the Gius

Tre-Dot presents his exciting new release, ‘Gemini’ featuring Got the Gius

Popular opinion communicates that hip hop is a young man’s game. Mature audiences would dispute this claim. The artist known as Tre-Dot is the representation and definition of the latter. The EP entitled Icicles Drippin chronicles the mature thought process of an emcee within this misdirected and miseducation world. In fact, in direct reference to the definition of art this current project is pure artistry; creating narratives that make a difference that resonates with the listener. (Produced in its entirety by Got the Gius). As an example, “Why” chronicles the tragic Justice for Junior scenario, “Somebody Explain” speaks on the social injustices and lack of respect towards the Black family, and even the rhythmic play on the zodiac traits entitled “Gemini.”

The acronym Terminally Raw Everday Delivering Only the Truth represents not only Hip Hop in its purest form but communicates life through the pleasurable experience of Icicles Drippin. In addition, Tre- Dot will be a part of several podcasts this year (Black Mail podcast, Cigar Life, Hell U Say) respectively.