The Mercenaries – Back Alleys

The Mercenaries PRESENT: Back Alleys

“Back Alleys” is the second single and first video from hip hop duo and brothers The Mercenaries off their forthcoming debut album “Thou Shall Not Kill”. The duo comprised of Rec Riddles and Gunsmoke Jones (also known as Think F1rst when producing), has collaborated on many occasions in the past, displaying their brotherly bond & lyrical prowess and this track is no different. “Back Alleys” tells the tale of urban life at sundown in the place most civilians try to avoid. The beats is haunting and eerie with vocal chops and hard hitting drums. Not only do the brothers kill this track verbally but they killed it on the production as well. The accompanying video displays the pictures Rec and Gunsmoke paint, filmed by long time collaborator Lamar Wylah. The Mercenaries debut album “Thou Shall Not Kill” drops on March 25, available on all digital streaming platforms and on their Bandcamp.