The Jemini – I Deserve It All

The Jemini introducing brand new song, I Deserve it All.”

February 2020 – The Jemini is an artist and performer born in New York, yet currently based in Richmond. Ever since his birth in 1991, the artist has been passionate about music, to the point that it defined his entire life.

He recently had his first child, which is actually an amazing generation for this artist to take his music to the next level and further share his passion with a new generation. Inspired by such a wide range of music and influences, The Jemini sets the bar higher in terms of creativity and vision.

His most recent release is a track that’s titled “I Deserve it All.” The song is a really great introduction to the artist’s attitude towards creativity, and a great example of his open-ended vision. Any fan of music that’s made without following the usual rules is definitely going to enjoy this release, which will keep the audience engaged, entertained, as well as interested in going a bit deeper into the music.

“I Deserve it All” is currently available on Spotify, where it can be streamed in its entirety. Find out more and listen below: