The Hookmonger – Writing Buddies (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] The Hookmonger is back on the scene with a new release, Writing Buddies (Featuring Lady Fireburn)

August 2021 – The Hookmonger is an artist with a focus on creating music that incorporates a huge range of musical influences. On one hand, The Hookmonger’s sound features the nuances of R&B and trap, while on the other, it captures the raw energy of modern production aesthetics. The artist seamlessly managed to achieve the perfect balance between all of these different creative influences, going for a focused, diverse, and personal sound.

Writing Buddies, The Hookmonger’s most recent studio release, is a perfect example of how effortlessly the entire vision comes together within the format of a single song. The track, which also features Lady Fireburn, has a very open and catchy intro, which sets the mood before diving into the arrangement deeper. The vocals sit perfectly within the mix, soaring above the instruments, but without ever overpowering them, offering a balanced listening experience throughout the entire duration of the track.

Combining such a wide array of styles is not always easy, but The Hookmonger makes it look like a walk in the park. There is something 

Find out more about The Hookmonger, and do not miss out on Writing Buddies, which is now available on some of the best digital music streaming platforms