The 4th World – Human Independence Day, Pt.1

The 4th World releasing a brand new single, “Human Independence Day, Pt.1.”

The 4th World is a hip-hop project with a strong focus on the message behind their music. Their sound is all about reaching out to the people, and letting them know that we should not be divided by our differences, but brought together by what really matters: the obstacles that we’ll face as mankind. One of the most immediate threat to our survival is climate change, and unfortunately, it’s hard to come to grasp with it, not because we don’t have the technology or ability to do so, but because we are so divided and so caught up into the inner workings of the system. Corruption, politics, power abuse and misinformation are very dangerous, and people should stand up against those things.

The 4th World is all about dealing with such topic, and to do that, they’ve created a sound that feels catchy, inspiring and unapologetic.

Such a high-degree of freedom is a brave place to go for any artist in this genre, but The 4th World does a great job at grasping the full scope of their potential, both lyrically and sonically. On one hand, this song is dealing with so many issues in the world, still heartbreakingly unresolved. On the other, it is a true banger with a gigantic production and an incredible performance depth!