Stephh V – Simple (Review)

Stephh V - Simple (Review)

Check out this music review for, ‘Simple’ a brand new single released by Stephh V

Stephh V is a charismatic hip-hop recording artist with a unique flow. Recently, the rapper released a brand new studio single titled “Simple.” As the title might suggest, this song embraces the “less is more” philosophy, meaning that it actually makes the most out of a song structure that is remarkably back to basics.

Some artists like to add layers and layers of stuff to pump up their mixes, but in this particular case, Stephh does not really need to make a big fuss for the music to stand out. “Simple” is a driven and energetic song that has a lot of attitude. If you do enjoy the classic warmth of golden age rap (with a pinch of old school) but also the clarity of modern hip-hop, you should most definitely enjoy this release. The beat is punchy and dynamic, and Stephh has a unique flow, which adds some vibe to the whole thing, going for the kill from the very first bar!

Find out more about Stephh V and do listen to Simple, which is now available on Spotify, and on other music streaming platforms on the web.