SNT JMS – Stunt Double

SNT JMS has just released a brand new song: “Stunt Double”

July 2022 – SNT JMS is a rap artist based in Ontario, California in the Inland Empire… Neighbors with artist like Hitboy… with a punchy, impactful sound that still holds a lot of warmth and vibe.

Fans of artists as diverse as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Anderson.Paak and Lloyd Banks should most definitely give “Stunt Double” a shot and check out more of SNT JMS’s work.

This track is hard hitting and direct, and it feels like a perfect example of how SNT JMS set out to take rap music to the next level. The artist is arguably the real deal and he raps about his own experiences and trying times.

This song is a perfect example of all the authenticity and realness that he brings to the table with his music. His lyrical prowess is even more impressive when you consider that everything is as is rooted in personal experience and it is something that people can relate to on a much deeper level.

SNT JMS is more than an entertainer. He is a true advocate for his community, and he continually supports initiatives such as mentoring programs to get people off the streets.

Find out more about SNT JMS and find “Stunt Double” on your favorite digital streaming services.