SKITZ BEBO – War Report

SKITZ BEBO - War Report

War Report is a Mixtape that’s meant to bring back a feeling of satisfaction to the listener. A lot of focus and dedication went into the creation of the project. Titled WAR REPORT as a result of the war between industry and classic talent, human rights and bigotry, intellect and stupidity, and so on. I’m actively trying to break the status quo that said you cant make it without the support of a major label and tell the truth about our condition. Knowing I’m not the first to do so I still hope the world feels me. I also want to use this mixtape to address the lack of support from fans who claim to love traditional (REAL) HIP HOP. hopefully we can set an example that will give the power back to the real music lovers so that some of my fellow artist can live and support their families off the craft they love…