Ruciano ft BeastyBoy Banga – Surfing

Ruciano introducing brand new release, Surfing (featuring BeastyBoy Banga)

June 2020 – The last few months of quarantine lock-down laws have been sort of a whirlwind for a lot of artists and music industry insiders out there. However, many of them managed to stay true to their passion and inspire others with their songs, vision, and creativity. This is definitely the case of Ruciano, a talented rapper with a personal outlook on modern hip-hop.

The artist just dropped a brand new release titled Surfing (featuring BeastyBoy Banga) , which feels like a deeper glimpse at the rapper’s artistry and creativity. This is where great songwriting and wordplay blend in with amazing melodies, and a solid studio recording, which highlights the natural dynamics of the song.

Surfing (featuring BeastyBoy Banga) is undoubtedly a massive banger, which is deceptively simple and refreshingly familiar, but also quite personable and innovative, creating a very original sound.

Find out more about Ruciano, and do not miss out on the artist’s most recent studio release, Surfing (featuring BeastyBoy Banga) , which is currently available on Spotify, as well as a wide range of streaming services on the web.