RJ Bagger – Servings (Review)

Check out this music review for the new single, ‘Servings’ released by RJ BAGGER 

A modern take on hip-hop, with a touch of old-school warmth.

RJ BAGGER is a hip-hop artist with a focus on combining old-school warmth, with trap, neo-soul and many other influences. What’s really amazing about her style is the fact that she has a unique background, with lyrics that are powerful and dynamic.

Her most recent single, “Servings”, truly hits the mark, affirming RJ’s style and personality.

With this song, this talented Brooklyn rapper sets out to offer a unique tone, with music that truly moves people, not only with her honest lyrics, but also with her massive beats and unique grooves. Her productions are always world-class, with plenty of massive rhythms and catchy melodies.

Find out more about RJ Bagger, and do not miss out on this song, which is currently available on Spotify: