Reece E – Lizard Tail

Reece E presenting his new single, ‘Lizard Tail’

This song is about the tough year I’ve had and how I am now finally beginning to heal myself much like how a lizard heals its tail.

Here are the lyrics:

Life’s alright if you don’t give a shit,
You’ve been running too long to figure it,
Out the doubt you need to get rid of it,
And heal like the tail of a lizard stick,
With me and see I’ll help you out,
I’ve been right there I’ve felt that doubt,
I’ve dealt without a soul to count,
Upon I’m wrong but now,

I see there was many that were there for me,
But I felt like nobody cared for me,
So unfair to me,
is what I’d unawarely be,

I wasn’t prepared it seemed,
And that’s the thing,
When life feels filled with cuts and stings,
And suffering your skin starts toughening,
Man trust it brings,
a new perspective,
When your fed up of being missdirected,
And reinfected this new perspective is what your left with,

The stress it’s unbearable.
You can’t take it alone try sharing dude,
It’s wearing though and tearing you,
Apart a piece at a time you may think are fine but what you need is to care for you,

They say ignorance is bliss but it isn’t because you miss all the mistakes you make and never improve,

Trust in yourself
Stop bugging yourself,
Internal judging your stuck in I’ll help,
There’s something you’ve felt
And nothing as well,
When emotions come rushing your adjusting your cells,
You can do anything
You can do everything,
You can do what you want with adrenaline,
No second guessing it may seem unsettling,
If you smoke weed use it as a weapon then,
Vetting and letting my lyrics lead,
Is how I succeed,

there’s only one thing I need,
And that’s to be me,
I’m practically free,
I make my own laws,
Get stoned more than I should sure,
But cutting back,
Tunneled it to rap,
It’s my way to distract,
The fact,
that my life isn’t that,

So much that it makes me attract,
Back to the fact that it is,
I’m just looking too closely I’ll never miss this,
The feeling of not wanting to exist,
Went from slitting my wrists to a spitting the hits,
Now subscribe I insist.