Reece E – Cokeheads and dopeheads (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single,Cokeheads and Dopeheads’ by Reece E

British hip-hop with a massive edge.

Representing the hip-hop scene in the United Kingdom, artist Reece E is back with yet another stunning number. His brand new release is a juicy rap single titled “Cokeheads and dopeheads.”

From the title itself, it is quite easy to realize that Reece E is a very uncompromising and unapologetic talent, who knows how to keep his music edgy and engaging from the get-go.

The song begins with a moody cinematic melody, with some cool choral synths and cool keyboard sounds. When the vocals kick in, Reece E’s lyrical flow will hit you in the gut. His sound is absolutely distinctive, and it could only be described as one-of-a-kind. His sense of rhythm is very sophisticated, and he is able to ignite the tracks with a lot of melody, without ever making any compromise whatsoever, when it comes to lyrics and ideas.

This song has an irresistible groove, and an even more intriguing lyrical flow, particularly due to the artist’s unique personality.

Find out more about Reece E, and head over to YouTube to listen to ‘Cokeheads and Dopeheads’