Real Ova Deceit – Where My Day Go

Real Ova Deceit shaking things up with a new, exciting release: “Where My Day Go”

April 2022 – Real Ova Deceit has recently announced a new studio work: “Where My Day Go”. This is a fantastic track, which could be classified as a quintessential hip-hop song with a fresh twist. This is something that, so far, has mostly been absent from the music offerings on the scene over the past few months, so it is really great to see artists like Real Ova Deceit championing the true essence of this sound and taking it to the next level.

More than anything, “Where My Day Go” is quite special because it stands out as an accurate portrait of a brilliant young artist keenly aware of what it takes to make quality music that has the potential to appeal to a very large audience, without making compromises in terms of passion and integrity overall. Real Ova Deceit’s music has a truly magical aura, as if you could instantly connect with the artist’s undeniable star quality and the phenomenal staying power that drives his releases, including this one.

Find out more and do not miss out on “Where My Day Go” by Real Ova Deceit, which is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.