PRODUC – Keep Swinging Til You Hit Something

PRODUC - Keep Swinging Til You Hit Something

PRODUC proudly releases his latest album, ‘Keep Swinging Til You Hit Something’

PRODUC is a really talented artist with a stunning creative approach. His music instantly makes me think of fellow artists the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, and J. Cole, even though it falls under its own category and definitely feels quite unique.
Recently, he unleashed an exciting new album titled “Keep Swinging Til You Hit Something.” The release is filled with great tracks, combining excellent production aesthetics with in-your-face energy and a lot of grit. At the same time, the lyrical flow is actually intelligent and thought-provoking, making for a really unique compromise between entertaining music and songs that will actually make you think.

“Keep Swinging Til You Hit Something” is a really perfect example of the artist’s creative vision and musical aesthetics, really hitting the mark with a fantastic tone and a really huge sounding production. The mixes are warm and balanced, allowing each element to sit in its right space, and in particular, letting the vocals stand out in a very pleasing way. The vocal performances really are the cherry on top here. The artist has a very direct voice, which exudes energy and vibe, yet at the same time, it can be up close and personal, revealing multiple sides to this performer. This is totally not a black and white release. It’s in full color, and if sound could be described with images, this would be close to a Jackson Pollock painting! I really love the sense of artistic freedom I get when listening to this song, and you can really tell that the artist took many creative chances when coming up with this one!

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