Prince Kapone – W.Y.T.D

Prince Kapone - W.Y.T.D

September 2020 – Prince Kapone is a rap artist originally from Monticello, New York. His sound has got a distinctive East Coast flavor that perfectly ties in with Prince Kapone’s influences and musical upbringing. However, he is not just an East Coast Rap pureveyor: his blend of hip-hop feels fresh, and there is also a lot of room for some melody to kick in. His most recent studio single, W.Y.T.D. is a great example of what I am talking about.

The production is massive to being with, and the artist’s vocals perfectly fit in with the mood of this track, going for a gigantic sound with plenty of bass and presence. Musically, this song is catchy as it gets, and it serves as q great next chapter in the career of a rising musical artist who still has so much to say. Prince Kapone can proudly sit among the greatest of the genre, and his sound is diverse and unapologetic.

Check out W.Y.T.D and listen to Prince Kapone’s music.