Pohhla hits the ground running with “Kool Hunnit”

If we had to bet on anyone breaking through out of Chicago this year we definitely have to put our money on “Vault Talk” rapper, Pohhla. The laid-back, soft-spoken no-nonsense rapper  is back after teasing us with  the very prolific and heart-wrenching video, “Anti-Chiraq” last year which gave us an intimate behind the scenes look into the families affected by violence in Chicago.  The song and video  reminded us of some thing Tupac would have orchestrated if he was alive. Sparking a flame, Anti-Chiraq” had a “so many tears” feel about it.

“Anti-Chiraq”  was embraced by activists and fans who agreed that the glamorization of violence had become too much to bear especially when situations “spill outside of the booth” as Jay-Z says. Last year, weeks after Chicago Rapper, Chief Keef’s cousin was killed, slained rapper, Lil’ Jojo’s cousin was also murdered. This was rumored to be a continuation of the alleged rivalry that seems to separate and haunt Chicago’s music scene. As his star shines brighter, Pohhla continues to raise awareness about the violence in Chicago by holding “Anti-Chiraq”  events for the youth and bringing to light the importance of education through his foundation. On his new single he keeps it light and humorous with the song “Kool Hunnit” featuring Supa Blanco with a special video appearance from Yak Boy Fresh..  The song has garnered excelleny plays on the radio in the Midwest and South.  The term “Kool Hunnit” is now becoming a popular catch phrase. With his drive, heart and business- mind we are convinced 2015 will be a great one for Pohhla. Here is “Kool Hunnit”