Patrick Antonian – All About Love ? (Review)

Patrick Antonian - All About Love ? (Review)

itsHIPHOPmusic reviews ‘All About Love ?’ by Patrick Antonian:

Patrick Antonion covers all corners of authentic musical realism as a postmodern archetype of musical talent. The hefty bass samples projects the recollection of classic hip hop with a smooth twist of detailed honorary wordplay and visionary conquest. The left panned guitar picking provided a nice nuance to the composition that unraveled the low end giving the mix some room to breathe and prosper independently.

The beat successfully juxtaposes several intricacies with an underlying tonality of work vs. pleasure dynamics embedded into the nuances. Furthermore, every aspect of the music provided a pinnacle landscape for the artist to expand upon holding the platform to an existential standard of hip hop. The complementary video will certify some exposure for this talented act while redefining the ideology of hustling and relentless pursuit. The nifty wordsmanship is apparent as this rapper cuts through the instrumental with unrivaled bars self-endorsing his prestigious flow with a stamp of hip hop approval.

The consciousness laid out throughout the music supersedes the visual cinematography of the video itself without creating an innovative disparity that will give more credibility to the single which was its ultimate intention.

YOU CAN LISTEN TO ‘All About Love ?’ BY Patrick Antonian HERE: