Pat Phinney – Phinney’s Town

Pat Phinney - Phinney's Town

Pat Phinney introducing a new studio album: Phinney’s Town

December 2020 – Pat Phinney is a rap artist and songwriter who recently released a brand new studio album: Phinney’s Town. This record is a diverse studio effort, offering a deeper insight into Pat’s incredible vision and multi-faceted creativity. The project unfolds over the span of 13 songs, and the artist even took the chance to feature a few collaborators on some of the tracks in order to spice things up and add more to the feel of this release in terms of variety. The release begins with the title track, a perfect introduction to the mood and feel of this release. Outstanding songs such as “The Neighborhood” (featuring Enels) as well as “The Funeral” truly stand out, revealing Pat’s penchant for not playing by the rules in terms of what he can achieve with his music. This one is definitely going to be an album worth listening to if you are a fan of artists like Big Pun, Eminem, Ghostface Killa, as well as Mac Miller or Big L, only to mention but a few.

Find out more about Pat Phinney and listen to Phinney’s Town, which is currently available on Spotify and on other digital streaming services.