OG97 – Red Flag

Red Flag is an uptempo rap record by OG97 with a trap beat produced by DXOR. The song is one of the four singles OG97’s has released in 2022 so far & he looks to continue releasing new tracks to close out the year.

About OG 97 :

OG97 is an independent artist from Miami, FL who has been rapping since 2010 but started to release music a decade later, with his debut project “Please Don’t Forget” in 2020. Since then, he has released a nine song follow up project titled “Through My Eyes” along with a handful of new singles & continues to stay consistent with his songs and visuals. In just 2 years of dropping music he has gotten over over 500K streams on Spotify & Apple while also gaining thousands of followers along with hundreds of playlist adds. Keep your eye on this artists because he has momentum & doesn’t seem to stop until he’s sitting at the top of his genre.