Nathaniel Wolf – Gratitude

Nathaniel Wolf brings to us his latest project, ‘Gratitude’

I am a rapper who has been making music for a long time now! I grew up in a small town called Lynbrook. Yet I went to two amazing schools. One was called Malverne High School and the other Nassau Community College! I really have a dream to perform my songs from this album and make it big in music! It is amazing for me to be able to perform on stage whenever I get the opportunity too.

My name is Nathaniel Wolf but people also know me as Nate Jeezy which is going to be the name of my record label one day I hope! Please help support real rap music by buying this album so I can one day make more music and perform again! I love rap music and my favorite rapper right now is Eminem! I am so inspired by him and if I get to meet him one day that is blessing enough!