Nate Jeezy – Tonight (Review)

Nate Jeezy - Tonight (Review)

Check out this review of the new single ‘Tonight‘ released by Nate Jeezy 

Melodic hip-hop with great lyrics and a strong personality.

Nate Jeezy is back on the music scene with a new, outstanding release. His song, “Tonight,” channels the magnetic energy of modern hip-hop, with some sprinkles of old-school warmth, giving the song a truly spectacular feel. Nate’s music makes us think of artists like Mac Miller, Lil Peep, or XXXTENTACION, but it also tips the hat off to icons as diverse as Eminem and Logic, only to name but a few.

What really stands out about “Tonight” is Nate’s ability to convey his ideas and feelings through the track. His workflow is seamless and intelligible, and it also has a nice melodic twist, which makes it stand out when compared to the work of other rap artists on the scene. The vocals fit really well with this particular composition, and Nate is all about experimenting with unique ideas ad one-of-a-kind compositional solutions to bring his songwriting to the very next level.

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My rap artist name is Nate Jeezy. I have been rapping since I was a child. I make music and feel the need to inspire through my songs. “Music Is My Life” is my latest album. I also made a single which is explicit and you can get the clean version when purchasing my latest project “Music Is My Life”. I hope to make more music and perform more raps in the future! My music is about a little boy who is now a grown man who always had the vision of storytelling and making music with meaning. I feel I nailed that in my latest album and single “Tonight”! It shows my struggle growing up in a crazy big world and dealing with college, drugs, sex, trying to stop violence in an unsettling time for society.

I support all my fans and hope to really make a positive difference through my music. If I can tell any of my fans any kind of words to live by it would be “make the most out of your life, work hard, and never give up on your dreams because for all you know one day they can be come real!” I also look forward to making more raps in the future. I hopefully won’t stop until I get at least one hit song or album on iTunes and want to keep living my dream until the day that I die! I also want to thank everybody who ever helped me and believe in me and my talent for making music! Remember me Nate Jeezy because I will never forget any of you! All we have is this one life lets save music and make a difference while we still can!