N.O.K. – Behold A Dark Horse (Review)

N.O.K. - Behold A Dark Horse (Review)

Music Review for the brand new studio release: “Behold A Dark Horse.” from N.O.K.

June 2020 – N.O.K. is back on the scene with a brand new studio release titled “Behold A Dark Horse.” The project features 8 songs, tipping the hat off to the golden age of hip-hop, but also going for a clarity and punch that add a more direct and contemporary sound to their music.

If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Run The Jewels, as well as Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest, you are definitely going to connect with these songs. The opening track, “Still Legend” is a perfect beginning, going for an old-school vibe and a minimalistic production with an understated beat. There are many excellent moments here, but “Bare Fist” is one of the album’s most distinctive songs, capturing the grit of old-school rap with some hard-hitting verses and socially conscious lyrics. “Behold A Dark Horse” ultimately combines great production aesthetics, with inspired lyrics and dope verses on every track!

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