Mi$tuh G – Fuk Em All

Mi$tuh G is back with a brand new studio effort: Fuk Em All.

October 2021 – Mi$tuh G has recently released one of his best studio works to date: Fuk Em All. The message that drives the title of the song is bold and unapologetic, revealing Mi$tuh G’s uncompromising attitude and his drive to show the world what he’s got, in spite of everyone and everything.

One of the most notable qualities of this release is how it clearly showcases Mi$tuh G’s versatility. He is able to seamlessly channel a huge range of creative influences and genres, while staying true to the core of his vision. Fuk Em All will definitely be something for you if you are a fan of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Eminem, only to mention but a few. Mi$tuh G is on the way to something truly amazing, and Fuk Em All might serve as a perfect introduction to his work for people who might not be strictly familiar with what he has done.

Find out more about Mi$tuh G, and listen to Fuk Em All, which is now available on the web.