MelodyK – Away From Home

MelodyK - Away From Home

“Away From Home” – a new, exciting release from MelodyK.

MelodyK is a rather unique artist, because her music is not just about entertainment. She seriously puts her heart on her sleeves, and she is all about sharing deep and real emotions with listeners from all walks of life. A great example? Her recent studio release, “Away from Home” is a fantastic example of what it is like to write music that has a truly authentic vibe to it. One of the most incredible things about this project is certainly the artist’s spot-on performance. This is not just music: it’s pure storytelling. After all, it is not very surprising, since MelodyK is actually also a trained artist and she really knows how to bring stories to life with passion and commitment. “

“Away From Home” is about the artist’s relationship with NYC, as well as her romantic involvement with a guy, whom she loves, even though their circumstances didn’t not make it possible for them to stay together

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