L-Storm – Veneno 11 Pr. By Spaceghostpurrp

L-Storm proudly presenting his new song, ‘Veneno 11’ Produced By Spaceghostpurrp

This song wasn’t a walk in the park…What I mean is I was kicked out the house, found out my longtime friend fell victim to drugs, and it thunderstorm that night. While it rained, I was at a bus stop listening to YouTube beats calming my nerves when I discovered this beat! Not only did the lyrics pop into my head, but I knew staring at the rain I wanted to make a video to this! Big spaceghostpurrp fan and I even attempted to drink what I wind up pouring out in the video. Deep video overall about what domestic violence and drugs did to my mental. I’m telling my story over different beats. This song is the last track on my Play this only at night ep bandcamp.com Be a friend and tell a ton