Kno’ Juan – Casa (Review)

Kno' Juan - Casa (Review)

Kno’ Juan brings listeners in his ‘Casa’ to disseminate the intelligently tormented projections of creative ability through poetic capacity and epic production faculties.

The instrumental acts as a hectic psychoactive deliberation of atmospheric calamities intertwined with a controlled eclectic outer seal that holds all the pieces in place with a creative collage resembling portrayal of sound.

The wispy reversed organ samples lock into the songs foundational darkness with a grim source of optimism that conveys a unique contrasting sound. Furthermore, this tone is similar to funeral instrumentation with an eerie fascination integrated with crunchy lofi sound and sampled handiness that is readily available to infiltrate the listener’s consciousness.

This composition protracts an innovative position within the west coast hip hop collective reverting to traditional styles of street sound while lacing the sound with elements of radical shape shifting to challenge the status quo of modern hip hop in an effective way. His lyrics impale past the superficial layering of imagery into the depths of conscious thought and written deliberation.

Kno’ Juan is the epitome of creative expression providing a substantial view into the mastermind of everlasting music that provide value to the archetypal nature of hip hop with a sense of congruency and deep respect that will reap meaningful rewards as he furthers his career.

You can listen to ‘Casa’ by Kno’ Juan here:


Bay Area rapper Kno’ Juan connects with fellow Bay Area producer Peeps to bring you ‘Casa’. Accompanied by an ominous backdrop, Kno’ Juan brings to you into his mind, which is where he’s in his element.