Kenny Wade – Raise Yo Glasses

Check out the lyrical video ‘Raise Yo Glasses’ by Kenny Wade

Born in San Antonio – raised in New York now back in San Antonio. Kenny Wade’s music is a mix of East Coast and Down South Funk. He began his career as a battle rapper winning several competitions, then moved on to writing and producing his own beats and music.
Kenny Wade founded and ran Royal Coach Records, doing his own marketing and promotion for over 10 years. He is the originator of the 210 anthem that was made for and performed at Sugar’s in San Antonio.

Kenny Wade is the grandson of a very well known record store owner and local celebrity who went by the name Melvin The Mack. The name of the record store was Music World records, which is the same name that Beyonce’s
dad uses for his record label today. After his grandad was incarcerated for shooting 2 racists, Kenny Wade was left homeless and made his way through group homes and foster care until he was finally placed in a home.

At the age of 18 he found himself homeless again and without any assistance from his social worker he did what he had to do to survive. Now settled back in San Antonio he has secured a nice life situation and is now adjusting his music to match his current life, but he promises to continue to perform his original music because he feels that is still apart of who he is.