John Green – So Clear

John Green presenting his new single, ‘So Clear’

My name is John Green aka Johnny Green Eyez aka J Grizza aka John Mikail and I’m from London, UK. I am and have been a rapper, singer, song-writer, producer, sound engineer, freestyler, battle rapper, promoter, barman, salesman, marketing manager, business owner, hustler, **** ******, *******, *****, functioning alcoholic, weed head, Christian, sinner, Coptic, Egyptian, Londoner, gambler, friendly, dangerous, nurturing, self destructive and honest. I have cousins in Alexandria, Cairo, Los Angeles, Detroit and New Jersey and Montreal so I travel a lot to escape the UK. Meeting like minded people along the way who use music as a way to liberate themselves from their unhealthy environment. I have collaborated with a couple of world-class producers (Jay Diligent, DonDadaProducer and Vodka Gravas) in Montreal and LA. My new solo e.p. “7:06” has a numerology underlining as each track from 1-5 lasts 1min11secs to 2mins22secs to 3mins33secs, etc. “7:06” is my first release in over 7 years – while I was “out” the game). “Flippin 2 L’s into a W” – watch this space!

“So Clear” is about coming to the realisation of what matters in life. Money is a big obstacle for those in poverty in London, so drug dealing, robbing and scamming are the easiest ways out. However this lifestyle of chasing money consumes you, makes you bitter, pessimistic and cold towards the world. I’ve lost friends and family to street life – some in prison and others who died. Too many funerals, too many prison visitations and too many tears from those I love has taught me that this game we play is a maze and the only way out is to prioritise what matters in life – which is not money. Once I realised this life began looking “So Clear”.