Joey Capo – At Sundown – EP

Joey Capo - At Sundown - EP

Joey Capo releases his new EP, ‘At Sundown’ 

Darkness falls and the fear of the unknown rises, giving us two choices as we enter into the night. Do we run from what life brings or choose to face our mistakes, problems, and fears that we have created from our past, as it shadows us into the present with hopes to flip the script and endure a brighter future.

On November 9th of 2018, Joey Capo takes us all front seat through this mental rollercoaster as he musically paints a vivid picture of his lowest to highest moments to date from depression, heartbreak, happiness, and love. With melodic vocals and lyrical imagery intertwined with a dark chill R&B vibe. Capo sets the mood for all his listeners around the world as he debuts his new EP “At Sundown”