Jave – BoomBap

Check out the exciting new single, ‘BoomBap’ released by Jave

I’m a guy 23 years old from Norway, and my name is Jon Arne Vereide Emberland my artist name is ‘Jave’. I am a unsigned rap artist with a new rap track BoomBap. I live in a little place called Sveio in Hordaland Norway.

I am a producer/songwriter/rapper, and can play some guitar and keyboard/piano. I have a professional home music studio (Check it out on Instagram). I am a guy just living my own life! And I follow my own flow here in life. And I love to do all the crazy, and stupid things in life. Life is what you make out of it, and you create your own dream life! And I don’t fucking care about what, anybody out there, thinks or says about me! I follow my own flow, and keep it real!