J Netti – Back that ass Up (Review)

J Netti - Back that ass Up (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘ Back That Ass Up’ released by J Netti

A combination of juicy melodies and organic beats, with a lot of energy.

J Netti is an artist with a very distinctive sound. His music genuinely blurs the lines between varies genres and tonal nuances. His most recent studio single, “Back That Ass Up,” is actually a perfect example of his excellent, nuanced tone.

What we really love about this release is how the song’s arrangement borrows from various influences. For example, the beat has got a distinctive trap feel, with that classic punch typically associated with the 808-style drum machine tones. In addition tot hat, J Netti’s vocal delivery is quite melodic, while also bringing a lot of energy to the table. This talented artist knows a thing or two about creating killer rhymes. His lyrical flow is very memorable, and he also channels the power of memorable hooks and sing-alongs with his delivery.

The song also comes in with a stunning music video, which gives a further glimpse into J Netti’s personal style and attitude.

Find out more about J Netti, and do not miss out on “Back That Ass Up” and other unique releases from this talented artist.