Israel Stone – Game (Review)

Check out this music review of the single titled, ‘Game’ released by Israel Stone

A combination of modern and old-school hip-hop, with just about the right spice!

Israel Stone is an artist who set out to combine the gritty textures of golden age rap, along with the surgical punch and great grooves of modern rap. The result is a sound that feels powerful and focused, yet warm and direct. His most recent studio effort is a track titled “Game.”

The song has been picking up a really great buzz, and it is not surprising, considering the high quality of this production. Israel’s delivery is inspired and on-point, showcasing the artist’s next-level wordplay. In addition to that, this track is filled to the brim with really amazing tones. The low-end is massive and punchy, while the good crunch of the beats really add a bit of energy, without compromising in terms of melodic fullness.

Ultimately, this is definitely something you should check out, especially if you are a fan of artists like Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar or NAS!

Find out more about Israel Stone, and do not miss out on “Game,” which is currently available on Spotify here