Introducing ‘Ultra Rai’

Introducing 'Ultra Rai'

Introducing ‘Ultra Rai’

Ultra Rai is a Rap artist with a really broad creative approach. His style is all about making art, and channeling the power of the golden age while retaining a straight-forward, modern sound.

Ultra Rai is a former drug addict, but he has been clean for over two years already, showing that it is quite possible to turn a life around and follow your passion! A bad situation turned into a beacon of light for Ultra Rai, who was able to fully understand his problems, and take action to seek a better life! Today, he makes music to remind himself, and others, that change is possible, and it is always within reach if you are brave enough to pursue it! Through his songs, Ultra Rai aims to do so much more than just entertaining the audience: he wants to express himself and share his unique story! Although he started out by playing guitar as a kid, ultimately rap music really clicked with him, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Recently, Ultra Rai has released three new singles, and he is getting ready for the release of another one! Watch this space for the release of his new single!!!