Introducing TMC Nova

TMC Nova

Houston AKA Shootston Native TMC Nova branched off from a locally known group The Money Makaz. The Group Won Multiple Awards For Their Dynamic Stage Presence, But Nova Was Always Drawn To His Solo Work. At the age of 16 he started getting into legal trouble. His father having to go to schools behind gang activity, and drug paraphernalia tried to keep Nova focused of The Group and his career.

In 2011 The Money Makaz split and Nova tried to focus solely on his solo projects. Destracted by the fast life and many gang functions Nova music seemed to take a backseat and was no longer a priority. In November on 2012 one of Novas friend was murdered and it heavily effected the “TMC Crew”(novas known affiliate click) . From this tragedy Nova and a few friends from the “TMC” made a neighborhood classic “LONGLIVEQUE”. With the video being shot in a Houston ghetto known to other Houstonian’s as “SOUTH BANK”. The song immediate caught flame gaining 20k views on Youtube in a brief 30day period and brought back Nova’s love for the music.

Now hailing his new name TMCNova and along with his father “DJ RATED-X” of the Legendary Houston Group SeXXX Fiends Nova has caught a new flame. His recent works with fellow Houston artist such a STUNNA BAM, DEADEND REDD, BAN BAN, and KINGG HENDRICKS Nova has a for sure slot in the rap game. His New Single “Jugg’N N Finnes’N” Landed on Local Houston Radio Stations “93.7ThaBeat” courtesy of Og RONC and shortly after began to play in every club around the city. Now with fans on their toes and his neighborhood on his back we wait on the Highly Anticipated Ep “Welcome 2 Shootston” as he shows no means on slowing down. With his new reformed team and the Business mindset from his father he is now ready to present his talents to the world. Hopefully you enjoy every song and venture and he has in the near future.
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