Introducing ShayREESE

Let me introduce myself properly! I am ShayREESE! DMV raised female rap artist. I am showstopping the DMV underground hip-hop showcase streets bringing my new thick hardcore persona and exploding bars from N.E. Capitol Hill! As a new indie artist- I am working hard trying to succeed strong to branding my alter-ego name. It has become a fathomless introduction for your _ShayREESE, as I was born to shine. I have moved from those baby steps of doing selfie video posting to to sharing my music talents on Listen Vision Radio, MixTape Block Party Radio Summer Block Party- Georgia Ave., and Coast to Coast mixtapes Vol. 87. I’ve been writing since I was 16, exposing my literary/poet talents in numerous contest and web domains. My passion as an Indie Artist arrived in 2013, where I just caught myself writing bars and breaking my boredom thinking Damn! IT FEELS GOOD…_VERY GOOD. In the year of 2014, I told myself I needed something more. Time was spent in the studio and birth of LADY LUCK, CAN U HANDLE THIS, HIT THE GAS became product of stage experience. Continuing to improve, I have class act new tracks and even wrote a book! _ShayREESE Epiphany has now started… be continued.