HadjDSE – Hey!

HadjDSE - Hey!

HadjDSE has recently released his brand new release, “Hey!” EP.

HadjDSE ha been making headlines with his blend of indie music and pop melodies, and his most recent EP release, “Hey!”, is a perfect example of his groundbreaking sonic vision.

This project marks a really powerful step forward for this talented artist, who really managed to channel his most melodic side, without making any compromises in terms of excellent lyrics and powerful sonic storytelling. In addition to that, the production value of this release is just as strong as you would expect, with nods to the tone and feel of the golden age of the genre. From the old school grit of biggie smalls and wu-tang clan, to the modern twist of Kendrick Lamar and J Cole, HadjDSE really echoes the work of some of the best artists on the scene spanning different eras of hip-hop music with a very open-ended mindset.

As an EP, “Hey!” captures the personal quirks of this artist, as well as channeling all the inner insight of this talented performer.

Find out more about HadjDSE, and check out “Hey!” here: