GAWDS – The Other Side (Review)

GAWDS - The Other Side (Review)

Check out itsHIPHOPOmusic’s review of GAWDS brand new album release ‘The Other Side’

July 2020 – GAWDS is a hip-hop project who recently put out a brand new studio release, The Other Side. From old-school hip-hop, to hardcore rap, industrial and alternative, there is such a huge variety of influences on this album, making it so diverse and easy to relate to for a very broad audience.

This release is ultimately quite remarkable on all fronts. The production is incredibly accomplished, and the fact that there are 18 songs is actually an amazing achievement in its own right. We live in a time when most musicians aim for quick single releases, and we are losing the long-format listening experience of albums. However, GAWDS definitely offered something with more substance, going for almost one full hour of high-quality rap music! The Other Side is a sonic journey, a listening experience that you will treasure from the first, to the last song. This is a great experience for fans of unorthodox rap music, which blurs the usual lines and breaks all conventions.

Find out more about GAWDS and do not miss out on The Other Side, which is currently available on Spotify and elsewhere on the web.