GAWDS – No Tomorrow (Review)

Check out the music review for the new single, ‘No Tomorrow’ released by GAWDS 

April 2020 – GAWDS is a hip-hop group with a focus on creating music that reminds us of the golden age of the genre. In fact, the sound of their most recent single release, “No Tomorrow,” has a killer 90s vibe, which sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and production aesthetics. With such a commitment to great production and quality songwriting, the possibilities are truly endless. I love how every element in the song seamlessly comes together.

The track kicks off with a melodic piano part, and it soon delves into a minimalistic beat with a lo-fi beat. The sound of the vocals and the style of the production made me think of rap icons such as A Tribe Called Quest, Erik B & Rakim, as well as Wu-Tang Clan. Although the sound of the release has an old-school element to it, this is by no means a nostalgia act. The track is fresh and spontaneous and you’ll definitely dig the vibe of this production if you like modern acts like Run The Jewels!

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