G-Pak – This Is It Feat. Brooke Lynne

G-Pak introducing brand new single, “This Is It.”

G-Pak is a rap artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is an upcoming talent, who is quickly leaving a trail of fans wherever he goes, impressing people with his honest lyrical flow and penchant for great production aesthetics. As a true East Coast rapper, G-Pak managed to combine that legendary old-school sound with something a bit more edgy and engaging, giving the audience a unique experience. Recently, he actually teamed up with Series Music Llc Releases (a record label,) to released a brand new album titled “This Is It.” (Also featuring Brooke Lynne).

The song features a larger-than-life production, with that classic 808 drum sound and some minimalistic synths. The bass is huge, and the sound of the vocals is present ad direct. Brooke Lynne brings an incredible degree of swag and melody, perfectly complementing G-Pak’s flow and adding something special to the track.

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