First Class Rossy – Doctor

First Class Rossy presenting his new single, ‘Doctor’

Brandon Ross AKA “Rossy” AKA “First Class” is a native of the famous city known for their music, food, and festivals; New Orleans. At the age of 13, he began working on his craft of writing, rapping and producing music. By the age of 16, he was definitely a prodigy by all rights. Rossy has developed into a fluid producer of Protools and an amazing lyricist.

His love of music was apparent along with his love for football. Being dynamic on and off the field, achieving the ultimate dream with a full scholarship offer. Life decides to take a change and Brandon Ross Jr. was born. This inspired Rossy to take his music career to a different level.

Being an entrepreneur, he opened his own company “GHM”, he then later partnered with his best friend “Landlord Bailey” with TRP ENT. And started Mophead Mafia. The duo began making moves gaining popularity. This came to an abrupt halt when they were ambushed while dropping some friends off. Landlord was shot and died on the way to the hospital as Rossy attempted to perform CPR. This sent Rossy’s world crashing down on him, working through life’s unexpected tragedies. He had to reconstruct his entire operation. The motivation caused by losing his best friend and business partner catapulted him to new heights.
Today Rossy has become one of if not the hottest up and coming artists to hit the market. He runs one of the top recording studios in New Orleans. First Class Studios, with Super comedian Mario Da Comic. He also engineers for a large portion of the New Orleans Hip Hop Market. He has quickly made a name for himself beyond a doubt.
Rossy’s next move is taking his music globally. He has signed a distribution deal with Dogsled Music Group, for several of his upcoming projects. “Night in Manhattan” Is set to be released in stores June 8th, 2018 and the long-awaited “Class N session” has been given an August 10th, 2018, release date.