DYYNVMIC finishes off the summer with his latest release “Coupe.”

The song is inspired by his journey from a full time HVAC technician to the exciting new hip-hop prospect we now know as DYYNVMIC. On a beat produced by A.G. Creationz, he goes on to display his skills as a hip-hop artist. Mixing in melodic vocals and constant flow changes along with a catchy hook, this song is definitely a record that can be enjoyed whether you are on the way to work or working out in the gym. The song embodies the message of what DYYNVMIC’S D.Y.Y (Don’t Yield Yourself) brand is all about. No matter the goal or obstacle, whether it be chasing the dream of hip-hop stardom or a single parent juggling work and school, all that matters is you don’t let anything stop or slow you down. This song is the big single that DYYNVMIC chose to use as the catalyst for his upcoming EP “Road Work” that is set to release October 16th. He’s new, he’s young and he provides a different perspective to the hip-hop audience that is already resonating with his followers as he and his brand continue to grow.