Drew Banxx – Bless Me

Drew Banxx – Bless Me:

Born in 92 in the state of Louisiana, Banxx bounced from city to city going from Louisiana to New Jersey to Hawaii to DC, to Georgia, to Mississippi and then settled down in Cleveland. Out of all those places he considers Mississippi to be home. Working on music started in 2010 for him. He fell in love with it and took it by storm creating BLF (BANKLIFEFAMILY).

After having his first child and tearing his Achilles in 2015 he had no choice but to buckle down and choose a rout in life and chose to take music serious putting on shows around the country in cities like New York, Detroit and Cleveland to name a few. After losing one the closest people in his life, his grandmother in early 2018 Drew vowed not to just be the best musician possible but the best person he could. So today he has recent hits such as Better aside and Bless Me and continues to work on his brand, sound, and images.