Don Jovani – Where You Been At (ft Tommy Choppa)

Don Jovani introducing new release, Where Yo Been At (ft. Tommy Choppa)

Boston is home to one of the best music scenes in the USA, and there are many talented artists representing the local scene. One of the best and most promising one is definitely Don Jovani. This fantastic rapper has a very authentic sound, and he really excels at combining great melodies with lots of energy.

Recently, he teamed up with a fellow talent to release a new song, “Where Yo Been At (ft. Tommy Choppa)”

If you enjoy the work of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, or J Cole, this one is going to be a great release to sink your ears into. The song has a really groundbreaking structure, lending a unique taste to the melody. On the first verse, you can hear Don Jovani going for a killer delivery.

The second verse is all about Tommy, and he gets to express his talent with this awesome collaboration. Last, but not least, they duet in the 3rd verse, going for a huge synergy that makes it all really special.

Don’t miss out on Don Jovani’s work, and check out “Where Yo Been At (ft. Tommy Choppa)”, which is now available on Spotify

Don Jovani is an Artist/Songwriter from the Boston (North Shore) Massachusetts area. Musical influences range as a very versatile Hip-Hop artist being equip with key traits such as lyricism, flow, melodies, wordplay, even a little singing and beyond mixing together to create uplifting, upbeat, and motivational music. The Don’s musical philosophy is based on the artistry reflecting his life, real rap & a real young man handling his real responsibilities working his 9-5 but never giving up on the dream.

Following up after “Man Of The House”, Don Jovani returns with New Single “Where You Been At” ft Tommy Choppa that continues to bring his story to life. “Where You Been At” poses the rhythmic answer to the question that seems to be frequently asked to both artists as they reply with a summary of where they been and what they been doing. Aside from the kind of artist they are, you can really get a view of who they are as a man as well.
Verse 1 – Don Jovani
Verse 2 – Tommy Choppa
Verse 3 – Don Jovani & Tommy Choppa