Don Deezy – Dey Goin’ Kno

Don Deezy - Dey Goin' Kno

Don Deezy introducing new release, “Dey Goin’ Kno,”

Don Deezy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is no stranger to the music scene: he has been rapping since 2003, and working hard to refine his craft and flow ever since.

Recently, he set out to release a new project titled “Dey Goin’ Kno,” which is currently available on Soundcloud. This track combines the hard edge of rap music with the powerful punch of old school hip-hop and contemporary R&B. The results are absolutely outstanding. “Dey Goin’ Kno,” is filled with astonishing melodies as well as fantastic lyrics with a strong sense of rhythm. Unlike many other rap artist of this generation, Don Deezy really emphasizes the importance of lyrics, and he often deals with factual topics based on his own experiences and upbringing.

There’s definitely a lot of realness thrown into the mix, and the mix feels all the more genuine because of it. The searing vocal hooks go hand in hand with the strong attributes of the production, making for a clear, direct and smooth tone. “Dey Goin’ Kno” has a lot of saturated punch that hits you right in the guts, with a beat that shakes the speakers and the floor!



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