Documentalz x Rahim – The Red Pill

Producer Documentalz and Buffalo NY MC Rahim team up to produce the thought-provoking album, “The Red Pill”

Atlanta, GA – Documentalz x Rahim’s release “The Red Pill” chronicles the lifestyle many African-Americans live. Documentalz hard hitting musicscapes with Rahim’s piercing vocal tone demands your attention on this album. The album starts with a computerized voice explaining The Red Pill and setting the mood and temperature even before the music starts. The Red Pill takes you on a roller-coaster of vivid landscapes and unimaginable pain on this well thought out piece. Tracks like “Still Wish” grabs you with the psychedelic intensive beat with Rahim taking you on a journey of wishes that impacted his life.

The Red Pill takes a hard look at the African-American experience and addressing many of the issues within it. The term “Red Pill” is based from the Matrix movie peeling back your current state to realize it’s not based in the “real” reality of your environment.