Desean – Champagne Gold

Desean - Champagne Gold

Desean – Champagne Gold:

I’m Desean , I’m am a hip hop artist that currently resides in Evansville, Indiana. I’ve been making music since my sophomore year and have drop a lot of music since then. Champagne Gold is my 2nd album but my top project out of any I’ve made in the past years. This album I basically focused on a better sound .

The past couple projects before I was showcasing new flows and sounds but this one mainly sounds but also just like My first album (Forever Mine) the subject is still about goals and dreams,look for big singles like “Get’n There” , “Zendaya Pt.2” , “Priceless” Swish Like Me & More ! . Listen and check out the latest LP “Champagne Gold” by Desean & Goldsound . For more , follow me on these social medias