Dawish Khush – Blakkk Man

Dawish Khush revealing brand new single, “Blakkk Man”

Dawish Khush is an artist with a focus on delivering pure and unadulterated hip-hop tones to the audience. His sound is modern and fresh, tipping the hat off to artists like J. Cole, Kedrick Lamar, as well as Andre 3000, only to mention but a few. However, what’s really interesting about his sound is the fact that Dawish brings so much personality to the table, with his insightful lyrics and unorthodox arrangements.

His most recent single release, “Blakkk Man” is a perfect example of what we are talking about. The song truly rips, and it combines a dirty drum beat with some lush melodies and great textures. The vocals unfold through the music and soar effortlessly through the mix. This production feels very organic, and it has a gritty texture, adding realness and vibe to the sound.

This is definitely going to be a perfect release for people into old-school rap aesthetics, although the sound of “Blakkk Man’ is really modern and kaleidoscopic, boasting such a wide range of influences.

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